Sunday, November 22, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Grey + Color + Splatter


This week's prompt was grey + color and my personal pattern was splatter!

I had this mani for over three days, but couldn't bring myself to do the pictures or the blog post. I think it's something about the November month. I feel like I don't have any energy left when I come home from work.. Anyways!

Onto the photos!

I used a old grey polish I had since I started my obsession with nail polishes (it's from Essence and it's called Grey to Be Here). Formula isn't that great, it makes bubbles when you apply it and it takes forever to dry.. I wait for over an hour before putting my top coat and the day after when I woke up I had bed sheets marks. The color is pretty though, it's a very light grey with a pink shimmer. I thought using a pink/coral polish will make it pop even more.

It's a pretty simple mani. I used a straw and blow the polish onto my nails. That's it :)

It's sad that we can't see the shimmer in the pictures... My coral polish looks a little bit too orange, but it's only because my camera refuses to be color accurate with this kind of color :(

Hope you like it and click on the links below to see what the others come up with!
Happy polishing!
Irrationails xo

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